Jewellery Services
At Fortunes Fine Jewellers we take pride in our craftsmanship and custom work, but we also offer an extensive list of services to our clients. We understand that your treasures are dear to you, so you can rest assured that we will take the upmost care in handling and processing your jewellery. Whether it be a simple cleaning, a repair or an intricate design; every piece is treated equally.

If you happen to require a particular piece for an event or special occasion, we may be able to offer next day services. Rather than have your jewellery repairs or fabrications outsourced, we have the luxury of an on-site workshop which allows us to meet your needs and oversee each repair to make sure your expectations are properly met. Our three goldsmiths and a setter have a combined over 100 years of experience so you can expect expert skill is applied at every stage.

Insuring your jewellery is the first step to protecting yourself and your valuables. While you may choose to go uninsured, it’s always worth being informed on the potential risks. Please book an appointment, or simply drop-in, with your valuables and any pertinent information: This may include old sales bills, certification forms or certificates of authenticity. While it’s not always necessary to have additional paperwork, it will help to maintain the accuracy.

In many instances we offer same day or next day appraisal services for your convenience.
However numerous items or complex pieces may take longer to complete. Each appraisal provides you with a detailed description, a photograph, and replacement value. We also do valuations for probate and estate.

If the purpose of appraisal is for resale rather than insurance we can provide you with the true market value of your piece.

Fortunes Fine Jewellers has long standing relationships with many of the best laboratories and lapidaries in North America. As such, we can offer a number of specialized services to our clients.

Gem Cutting & Polishing
We can advise you on the restoration of your chipped or dulled gems.We work with expert lapidaries to
insure that our high standards are met. Diamonds, from time to time, may chip and repairing them is
our specialty. In some cases it may be appropriate to recut a diamond, and bring it to modern
specifications and full brilliance.

Fortunes’ reputation has been built on our award winning designs and fresh ideas. We maintain our commitment to excellence through all aspect of our business. This includes, though is not restricted to, repairs and modifications. Our staff is well informed to assist you with whatever needs you may have regarding jewellery and gemstone repair. On occasion some repairs may be completed while you wait, however as a rule of thumb you should allow for at least seven to ten days for repairs to be completed. Remember, no repair is too small; we treat every job with care and respect.

Ring Sizing & Re-shanking
We are able to resize silver, gold or platinum rings; whether it’s a new or vintage treasure worn for years. Fortunes also provides various alternative sizing options, such as ring guards, cushion and arthritic shanks. If your band is too weak we may advise you to rebuild the shank.

Claw Tightening & Re-tipping
After years of wear your settings may have weakened. Without realizing, you may run the risk of losing your precious stones due to a diminished and worn out settings. Our goldsmiths can completely restore your settings, and reset the stones giving new life and long wear to your jewellery.

Our engraver, taught in the fine art of hand engraving, is a master at his craft. Something as simple as “LOVE” feels more romantic when the time is taken to engrave it perfectly. We also provide scrollwork, family crests and watch engraving services.

Bracelet & Necklace Repair
Chains and bracelets can get broken, knotted, or worn thin through wear or improper storage. Our goldsmiths are able to repair or replace links and failing clasps on your jewellery.

Jewellery Restoration
Heirlooms and period jewellery have often seen years of wear and sometimes require repairs. Fortunes’ staff are trained to discuss and inform you of the best course of action for your precious antique pieces. Our goldsmiths have extensive experience restoring vintage and antique jewellery.

Fortunes provides an excellent restringing service and can attend to most pearl and beaded jewellery.

Jewellery Cleaning & Inspection
We’re always happy to see our returning clients and, indeed, to meet new someone new! Please don’t hesitate to stop to take advantage of our jewellery cleaning services – for a superficial cleaning it’s always complementary.

Refinishing & Polishing
Time and frequent wear takes a toll on jewellery finishes. We are able to refinish, re-engrave, re-plate or polish your jewellery to their original luster.

Watch & Clock Repair

When investing in a fine timepiece there is much to consider. By the same token, taking care of your timepiece requires consideration and commitment. At Fortunes, we offer an exemplary watch and maintenance repair service. Our technician, with more than 50 years in the trade, is a second generation watch maker and he has a wealth of knowledge and skill to offer our clients. Our watchmaker is committed to excellence and all of our work is guaranteed, unless stated otherwise. We have the capability to service and repair most major watch brands. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to assist you.

Watch Battery Replacement
Fortunes Fine Jewellers can replace the battery in most watches while you wait providing the seals don’t need replacing or the watch pressure tested.

Pressure Testing
When opening certified water resistant watches, it’s advisable to have it pressure tested and professionally resealed.

Regulation, a common adjustment, simply refers to the timekeeping function of your watch. The correct setting for the regulator will be slightly different for each owner, depending on how the watch is worn or carried.

Bracelet Cleaning, Polishing & Repair
Scratches and scuffs dull links, and from time to time may need repair. Drop off your timepiece for our goldsmith to repair or rebuild broken links and have your bracelet shine like new!

Fine Jewellery
Diamond jewellery & gemstone jewellery items.

Watches & Timepieces
This includes pocket watches or unique collectables.

Estate & Vintage Jewellery
We are looking for estate and antique engagement rings and period jewellery.

We purchase loose diamonds and, in some cases, chipped or damaged diamonds.

Damaged or Unwanted Jewellery
Gold & silver necklaces, bracelets, chains, earrings, charms, etc.

Currency & Coins
This includes, but not reserved to, medallions and rare or collectible coins.

Gold, Sterling Silver & Platinum
Scrap & dental precious metals including gold, sterling silver and platinum.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our policies.