Appraisal Services

Insuring your jewellery is the first step to protecting yourself and your valuables. While you may choose to go uninsured, it’s always worth being informed on the potential risks. Please book an appointment, or simply drop-in, with your valuables and any pertinent information: This may include old sales bills, certification forms or certificates of authenticity. While it’s not always necessary to have additional paperwork, it will help to maintain the accuracy.

In many instances we offer same day or next day appraisal services for your convenience.
However numerous items or complex pieces may take longer to complete. Each appraisal provides you with a detailed description, a photograph, and replacement value. We also do valuations for probate and estate.

If the purpose of appraisal is for resale rather than insurance we can provide you with the true market value of your piece.

Fortunes Fine Jewellers has long standing relationships with many of the best laboratories and lapidaries in North America. As such, we can offer a number of specialized services to our clients.

Gem Cutting & Polishing
We can advise you on the restoration of your chipped or dulled gems.We work with expert lapidaries to
insure that our high standards are met. Diamonds, from time to time, may chip and repairing them is
our specialty. In some cases it may be appropriate to recut a diamond, and bring it to modern
specifications and full brilliance.